Oct 28, 2016

Long Break!

Well, I'm finally back to blogging.

I do really apologize for that long break.  The last few months have been full of ups and downs.

In early July we were out celebrating my husbands retirement and I slipped on a wet restaurant floor and broke my wrist.  The restaurant's employee chose to wash the exit floor before they were closed - her choice to cut a few minutes off her day resulted in me spending my summer in the ER, pain, surgery, lots of Dr visits, physical therapy, splints, casts, no use of my arm for months and did I say pain.  Lots, and lots of pain.  I still live in pain, every day.  And I still can't feel many of my fingers.  Now I will need nerve studies to find out more.  It's likely I will have permanent damage. 

At the end of the summer we were finally we were able to get a way for a bit, and spent some time at a family lake cottage. No internet, so no blogging.  We made it back in town just in time for my son's wedding to his long time girlfriend.  I am so happy for both of them.

And now I've been card making like crazy.  I donate cards, gift tags, and many other items to Pug Rescue of Florida.  Their big annual fundraiser is next week.
So, after a lot of ups and downs, I'm back card making and blogging.

I promise, lots of cards coming up.

Thanks so much for visiting today. 

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