Nov 16, 2016

Pug Rescue of Florida Pugsgiving

November 5th was Pug Rescue of Florida's largest annual fundraiser "Pugsgiving".  Pug Rescue of Florida is an amazing non profit organization made up of so many wonderful volunteers, all dedicated to helping rescue pugs, provide all their veterinary care, and place them in forever homes.  I have never met a nicer group of people.  I have also adopted two sweet little pugs through this organization.  

This was the second year selling my cards at this event.  During this one day event, we sold nearly 90 cards and 177 gift tags, gift card holders, and wine bottle tags.  100 % of the sale went to Pug Rescue of Florida.  I am happy to say we raised nearly $600 from the sale of my items, and it all goes to help the pugs.

Here are some photos.

This first photo shows my entire booth followed by two more showing a bit closer view of each of our card display racks (a special thank you to my husband for building these racks exactly like I wanted them!)

Here are close up pictures of  the wine bottle tags and gift card holders.

And lastly two pictures of the treat bags and gift tags.

If you see something you like, my cards are also sold all year long on Etsy, again to help raise money for Pug Rescue of Florida.

Thanks so much for visiting today!

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