Jan 22, 2018

Three Hours of My Favorite Things

So, have you ever been so happy with a shopping experience that you just want to tell everyone about it.  That's how I am.  Too often I get disappointed in stores (vs. online shopping) because I can't find what I want, etc.  Well, on Saturday two of my good card making friends and I went up to this store, the My Favorite Things Stamps Boutique in Eustis, Florida.

About a year ago we found out that My Favorite Things had an actual brick and mortar store a couple hours from us.  We'd been using their products for years, buying online and been very happy with them.  We usually try to get together about once a month to make cards and try out each others new supplies.  Instead, we decided to do a field trip to this shop.  We could never come up with a good day to do it, life kept getting in the way.  Finally, we worked out a day and made the trip on Saturday.  On the way up there I kept thinking to myself that I hoped we wouldn't be disappointed, especially since it was a good drive away.

We absolutely were NOT disappointed.  It was great.  The store was a great size and everything was displayed so well.  The best part - was seeing all of the sample cards made by their display team members.  I know we see some of these online on The My Favorite Things Stamps blog, but seeing them in person was totally different.  I think so many of the details of the cards are missed when viewing them online.  And they had SO many card samples. Most of the samples had a list on the back of all the products used.  And the person working in there was extremely helpful.  She answered all of my questions, which were many.

So, three hours later we finished shopping. Time flew.  We had no idea how long we had been in there.  I do wish I'd taken some pictures of the boutique to share.  And - they have discounts that increase the more you shop, and we got that super cute bag (in the pic) to carry out our purchases.

If you're ever in the central Florida area (Eustis is not that far from Orlando) I would totally recommend stopping in at the My Favorite Things Boutique in the old downtown Eustis area.  You won't be disappointed.

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