Oct 6, 2017

A Mer-mazing Birthday Card

I needed a special card for a young girl and wanted to incorporate a mermaid.  With mermaids being so popular I didn't know how it was possible that I didn't have even one mermaid related stamp or die.  But it's true.  And since I probably wouldn't need to use them again I thought I'd try to find a piece of patterned paper with a mermaid.  This is a much cheaper option - $1 for a sheet of paper versus about $15 for a stamp set.  Here's the card I came up with.

My picture looks washed out, but in reality the card was very bright colors.  I don't know why sometimes my pictures come out great and sometimes not so great.

I personalized the card using stitched letters on a stitched fish tail banner.  I added some tiny pink diecut fish, clear jewels for their eyes and some tiny drops of  Nuvo Jewel Sea Breeze drops.

I know Zara really liked the card because I received a picture of her with a big smile while holding it.  This is one of the biggest reasons I love card making - I can make very personalized cards.

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